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Apologia Zoology 1 Lab Kit

by Nature's Workshop

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Description of Apologia Zoology 1 Lab Kit by Nature's Workshop

Homeschooling, though challenging, can be one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. That’s why we seek to provide you with high-quality academic resources that make the day-to-day a little more beneficial and fun for everyone. Explore our expansive selection for the entire family and discover the joy that awaits you on your homeschooling journey!

This lab kit, designed to accompany Apologia's Exploring Creation with Zoology 1, contains the items you need to complete each experiment and activity - all in one convenient location! Using the items in this kit, students will be able to see caterpillars grow into butterflies, observe ants in a homemade ant farm, and display interesting insect specimens. It is certain to enhance students’ learning experiences by ensuring that all hands-on activities can be successfully completed (without a scavenger hunt before each one!). And you'll be saving money, since items won't need to be purchased in bulk (for example, buying an entire box of cheesecloth when only a small 6x6" square is required)! Items are packaged in individual lesson packs for ease of use. See the following table for a list of items included in this lab:

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - This kit contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

LESSON 1: 4 Straws, Cup, Pen, Cardboard, Clay, (Save for Lesson 8), Tape Measure, Clear Tape, Scissors, Construction Paper, White Paper
LESSON 1: (Items You Provide) Water, Long-Arm Stapler

LESSON 2: 2 Outlines of a Bird, 2 Bamboo Skewers, Hanging Wire, Plastic Bag, Sunflower, Bird Seed, Wild Bird Seed, Mesh Bag for Suet, 2 Identical Saucers, (Used as Identical Bird Feeders; Save for Lesson 3)
LESSON 2: (Items You Provide) Adult with a Knife, Ingredients for Suet, (See book for details.), Stove, Pot, Stirring Spoon, Freezer

LESSON 3: Umbrella, Cooking Oil, Feathers, 2 Saucers, (Use from Lesson 2), Magnifying Glass
LESSON 3: (Items You Provide) Water

LESSON 4: Chicken Bone, Red & Blue Bowls, (to be used as bird feeders), Scale
LESSON 4: (Items You Provide) Bird Seed, Cow Bone

LESSON 5: String, Real Estate Advertisements, Cotton Balls
LESSON 5: (Items You Provide) Mud, Twigs, Grass, Leaves, Materials for making a bird house (See book for details.)

LESSON 6: Pencil, Deep Bowl
LESSON 6: 5 Eggs, Bright Lamp with the shade removed, Darkened Room, Large Box or Low Table

LESSON 7: Square-Inch, Math Manipulative, Blindfold, Cotton Balls, Notebook Paper (From your binder)
LESSON 7: (Items You Provide) 20 different agents with characteristic smells

LESSON 8: Masking Tape, Strapping Tape, Corrugated Cardboard, Paper Plate, Wax Paper, Plaster of Paris, Paintbrush, Tea Bags, Toothbrush, Clay (Use from Lesson 1) Notebook Paper, (From your Binder)
LESSON 8: (Items You Provide) Photo of a family member about whom the student knows little, but someone else knows well,Hardboiled Egg, Water

LESSON 9: Spoon,Table Salt, Paper Towels, Plastic Container for insect home, (Save for Lesson 13), Bowl, (Use from Lesson 6), Jar for Catching Bugs, Magnifying Glass
LESSON 9: (items You Provide) 2 Live Insects, Dead Insect, Water

LESSON 10: Bug, Display Box, Jar for insect, relaxer, Sand, Disinfectant Wipes, (Instead of using Lysol in your relaxer jar,, just lay one on top of the sand),Cardboard Square, 2 Cups (Used in place of soup cans), Nail, Cheesecloth, 2 Small Boards, Magnifying Glass
LESSON 10: (Items You Provide) Dead insects, Water, Fruit, Meat, or other insect bait

LESSON 11: Large Glass Jar, (for ant farm), Plastic Bottle, (Used in place of soda can), Jelly, Honey, Cheesecloth, 2 Rubber Bands, Sand, Large Paper Plate, Piece of Sponge, 5 Small Paper Plates, Black Construction Paper, Jar for Catching Bugs

LESSON 12: Needle, Small Square of Toilet Paper, Small Shovel, Styrofoam Cups to collect dirt, Funnel, Bowl, (Use from Lesson 6), Jar for Catching Bugs, Scissors
LESSON 12: (Items You Provide) Banana, Water, Lamp with the shade removed

LESSON 13: Spray Bottle, Plastic Container with Lid (Use from Lesson 9)
LESSON 13: (Items You Provide) Tall Drinking Glass, Smalll Spoon, Water, At least one Cricket, 4 Materials to test, Knife, Fresh Potato

LESSON 14: Mail-in Certificate for Caterpillars, Hanging Wire, Netting, Sugar, Clean Lid from Jar, (Use one from a jar used in previous lessons) Cotton Balls, Rubber Band
LESSON 14: (Items You Provide) Potted Plant that the caterpillar likes to eat, Water

Product: Apologia Zoology 1 Lab Kit
Vendor: Nature's Workshop
Edition Description: 40400
Minimum Grade: Kindergarten
Maximum Grade: 8th Grade
Weight: 11 pounds
Length: 18 inches
Width: 12.5 inches
Height: 11 inches
Curriculum Name: Apologia
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Average Rating
Parent Rating
I love the notebook that you can purchase with really reinforces everything
Parent Rating
We were very pleased with the Astronomy curriculum by Apologia. We worked with a co-op for this subject only and it was great. The information is deep, yet written in easy to comprehend language. The experiments and projects are fun to do. We did the whole book in a semester with the co-op, although it may be done over the course of a year. We are looking forward to starting the next in the series, which is Botany.
Parent Rating
Felt the information was acurate and well presented.
Parent Rating
Ease of use, General layout/appearance
Parent Rating
Look at the two different notebooking journals. There is a regular version and a Jr. version. We bought both and use both with our son depending on his needs. We love the detailed color pages of the Jr. Journal yet the activities in the regular version were more his age level. I used this with our 2nd and 3rd graders together and got both notebook journals so we can vary the activities to the abilities of the child. Love this curriculum, I can't say enough good things about it.
Parent Rating
Ease of use, Prep time, Content/hands on experiments
Parent Rating
Ease of use, Prep time, General layout/appearance
Parent Rating
Ease of use, Prep time, Assessments, Supplemental materials, General layout/appearance
Parent Rating
Ease of use, Prep time, General layout/appearance
Parent Rating
Ease of use, Price, my kids enjoyed it


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