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Learning Style Assessment


Section One - 12 questions


Choose one of the two listed items for each number below. Click the circle beside the one you like best.


Think about which one you are better at and which one you get the most positive compliments from other people when doing.

Section Two - 21 questions


Read each statement and answer if it is true or false. Click the circle next to your answer.

  • When I read, I sometimes find myself mumbling the words out loud.

  • I like to play sports.

  • I like to read books.

  • I like to just sit and listen to music.

  • I like to act out stories.

  • I notice patterns in numbers, colors, shapes, etc.

  • I like to swim.

  • I can remember where information is found on the page in a book I’ve studied.

  • I can sing in rounds and/or sing harmony.

  • I like to hum, sing and/or whistle while I work.

  • I like to help cook in the kitchen.

  • Colorful charts, graphs, and photos help me remember what a book is about.

  • At night, I like to fall asleep listening to music.

  • I like to mold things out of clay.

  • I often notice noises others might not (for example, birds singing).

  • I like playing charades.

  • I often use different colored pens, pencils, and highlighters on my homework.

  • I like to run, climb, or go for walks outside if I have free time.

  • I like reading recipes.

  • Listening to music helps me concentrate and get my homework done faster and better.

  • I like riding around in the car just to see new places from the window.

Section Three - 8 questions


Click the circle of the answer below that best describes you.

  • When I have to recite something I memorized, in my mind I…

  • When I’m traveling, I like to:

  • It’s easiest for me to remember things my mom tells me when…

  • If given a choice, I’d prefer to present a book report by…

  • If I were allowed to create my own perfect bedroom, I’d have the most fun actually…

  • After I’ve met someone for the first time, it’s easiest for me to remember

  • I can most easily remember:

  • When memorizing my math facts:

After you have made a selection for each question above, press the button below to continue.

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