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Teaching Method Assessment


Section One - 22 questions


Choose one of the two listed items for each number below. Click the circle beside the one you like best.


Think about which one you are better at and which one you get the most positive compliments from other people when doing.

Section Two - 21 questions


Read each statement and answer if it is true or false. Click the circle next to your answer

  • The mastery of course materials is more important than student interest.
  • Children should be exposed to real books, art & nature from a young age.
  • The intense study of one topic is a more natural way to learn.
  • The teacher should be in charge of what is learned; not the student.
  • Reading the classics is an important part of any education.
  • Creating a love of learning is more important than what my student learns.
  • Children should be allowed to work independently as much as possible.
  • Parental interaction with students is an important part of the learning process.
  • I’m nervous about gaps in my student’s learning.
  • A good grammar program emphasizes the memorization of rules.
  • Students should study the subjects designed for their grade level.
  • Children need time to explore and just be children.
  • A structured school day limits student creativity.
  • The curriculum needs to be flexible so that we can take advantage of teachable moments.
  • Trips are an important part of the learning process.
  • Children should be free to study whatever they find interesting.
  • A structured, systematic approach to home schooling is the best way to accomplish my home schooling goals.
  • The study of Latin is an essential part of a good education.
  • The ideal curriculum should allow all of my students to learn together.
  • Children should be allowed to learn when they’re ready, regardless of what the experts say.
  • I like riding around in the car just to see new places from the window.

Section Three - 5 questions


Click the circle of the answer below that best describes you.

  • When I’m choosing curriculum, it's important to me that…

  • When it comes to teacher support materials, I prefer…

  • When we’ve completed our unit of study, I like to evaluate my students by…

  • I think the ideal school day is…

  • When I think about the academic goals I have for my student(s); I really want them to…

After you have made a selection for each question above, press the button below to continue.

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