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We know that when little ones play, they’re not just playing—they’re exploring their world. That’s why our Children’s Department is now offering the best brands in educational toys.

Look around, and you’ll find trusted products that spark kids’ curiosity and help parents and teachers make learning an adventure. So happy playing and happy learning, from our family to yours!
A colorful interlocking building system that can be used with stuff you have at home—think cereal boxes, paper towel tubes and more.
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Melissa and Doug
Sturdy back-to-basics toys, everything from pretend food to working musical instruments to art sets, designed to inspire rules-free creative play.
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Interlocking building blocks that are high quality, cost effective,
and pave the way for imaginative learning—plus, they’re compatible with other leading brands.
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Quality wooden trains and accessories designed to encourage creativity, made from traceable wood, and strong enough to withstand years of play.
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Begin Again
Unique games and puzzles (made of sustainably harvested wood) that promote logic, creativity and physical activity through hands-on play.
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