Dicksons, A Caring Heart Tassel Bookmark with Coin, 2 x 6 inches

  • Brand: Dicksons
  • Author: Alda Maria

SKU: 1845312

Share a piece of your heart with a friend or loved one who captured it. This thoughtful bookmark features an encouraging message and includes a coin with a heart-shaped cutout. The message reads:
A Caring Heart
Because I deeply care for you
I wanted you to know,
I carry you within my heart
No matter where I go.
You can always count on me 
For fellowship and prayer
When you need encouragement
I promise, I'll be there.
So with a little prayer from
A Caring Heart like mine,
There's nothing you can't handle
With a touch of the Divine.
So when you hold this penny,
Even when we are apart,
Remember that I carry you
Within my Caring Heart.
Alda Maria
No matter the circumstance, it always helps to know how much you care. This thoughtful gift is a great way to share what's on your heart. The bookmark can be used and read daily so the message can be revisited multiple times.
- 2" x 6" bookmark
- A Caring Heart theme
- White tassel attached
- Includes coin with heart-shaped cutout