Dicksons, Today I Saw A Butterfly Tassel Bookmark with Pocket Coin, 2 x 6 inches

  • Brand: Dicksons

SKU: 3728250

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it can change everything. When you know someone who is working through a recent loss, you may want to help them through their grieving process any way you can. This bookmark is one small way of saying you are right there with them through this season of life. The green bookmark is decorated with an image of a butterfly alongside the message:
Today I Saw
A Butterfly

So much has changed
since you've been gone,
yet somehow life must carry on.
Reminders of you everywhere
drive me to my knees in prayer.
I believe God sent my way
the butterfly I saw today;
as it fluttered through the sky
I tried my hardest not to cry.
It made me feel a little blue,
because it made me think of you;
but as it danced along the breeze,
it put my mind and heart at ease.
So innocent and so carefree,
I felt that God was showing me
you're safe at home with Him above,
carried in His arms
of love. Today I
saw a butterfly
and now I know
the reason why;
though I still grieve
and I still mourn,
my precious
one has
been reborn.
Attached to the bookmark is a penny with a butterfly shape cut out of it. This coin can serve as a pocket reminder of this thoughtful poem. Each time they find the coin, they can remember their loved one is safely in God's hands.
The tassel at the top allows you find your place even when the book is closed. The image is printed on the front side, and the back side is white with To: and From: spaces for gift giving. The artwork and message come together to make this bookmark a wonderful gift item.
- 2" x 6" bookmark
- Today I saw a butterfly message
- Penny with a butterfly shape cutout included
- Tassel included