CSB Firefighter's Bible, Imitation Leather, Red

  • Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers

SKU: 3646585

Firefighters have sworn to do their duty and live honorably. The character, courage, and commitment these first responders exhibit is due to an inner strength and adherence to their calling. Equip firefighters with the spiritual strength they need to continue the challenging tasks set before them.
This Christian Standard Bible was made with firefighters in mind. The front cover of this leather-like Bible is printed with the Maltese cross fire rescue symbol. Honor a rescue worker you know with this empowering Bible.
The smaller trim size, durable simulated leather binding, and added inspirational notes and helps make these Bibles easy to use in the field. Other features include a special presentation page, the words of Christ in red, and a two-piece gift box.
- Complete CSB text
- 7-point type
- Presentation page
- Words of Christ in red
- The Fire Fighter's Code of Conduct
- A Fireman's Prayer
- Folding the American Flag
- Healing Emotional Trauma and Grief
- Extra Hands
- The Fireman's Badge
- Chain of Command
- The Final Alarm
- The Bagpipe Tradition at Fire Department Funerals
- Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder: Who's the Villain?
- What Do You Do After the Dust Settles?
- Deliver Us From Evil?
- Rediscovering Heroes: Greatness Among Us

The Christian Standard Bible attempts to unveil the Bible's meaning through an optimal equivalence translation. The CSB uses both word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation methods in an effort to amplify the meaning behind text. For more information on the different Bible translations, view our Bible Translation Guide.