CSB Holman Study Bible, Imitation Leather, Black

  • Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers

SKU: 3594785

The Christian Standard Bible is a revision of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB), that updates both the translation and word choices in order to optimize the faithfulness to the original languages and clarity for modern audiences. Taking input and concerns from Bible scholars, pastors, and readers, the HCSB was updated with the CSB to improve the clarity for the modern reader.
New believers and serious students of Scripture can all benefit from a reliable study Bible. This Christian Standard Bible offers the same ECPA award winning Holman study system featured in other Bibles. Experience over 15,000 study notes and other helpful resources on the same page as the Biblical text to which they refer. This beloved study Bible format is expanded to include more word studies, feature articles on the apostles by Dr. Sean McDowell, and others.
- Complete CSB text
- Book introductions and outlines
- Concordance
- Center-column cross-references
- Two-column format
- Over 15,000 study notes
- 315 word studies
- 141 photographs
- 62 timelines
- 59 maps
- 24 articles
- 16 illustrations and reconstructions
- 15 charts

The Christian Standard Bible attempts to unveil the Bible's meaning through an optimal equivalence translation. The CSB uses both word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation methods in an effort to amplify the meaning behind text. For more information on the different Bible translations, view our Bible Translation Guide.