KJV Holy Bible: Wide-Margin Personal Notes Edition, Duo-Tone, Brown and Tan

  • Publisher: Barbour Bibles

SKU: 3348257

Writers and notetakers will love the space provided by this King James Version Bible. Record your thoughts and insights as they come to you alongside the text of the Bible. The wide margins on this special journaling Bible provide ample space to annotate the scriptures as you see fit.
- Complete KJV text
- Wide margins for writing notes or journaling
- 6 1/2" x 9" size
- Subject headings
- Book-by-book summaries
- Lists of key stories, characters, verses

The King James Version has a long-standing reputation, and is one of the oldest English translations still being read today. Widely used by conservative Protestants, the KJV is published at a 12th grade reading level. For more information on the different Bible translations, view our Bible Translation Guide.