NIV Starting Place Study Bible, Hardcover

  • Publisher: Zondervan

SKU: 3759131

Do you want to get back to studying the Bible, but you don't know where to start? New believers and fresh students of God's Word are often overwhelmed by the size of the Bible, and intimidated when they don't know where to begin. The Starting Place Study Bible is your guide to deepening your knowledge about God's grand plan of salvation, and drawing your closer to a Savior who loves you. This New International Version Bible will help you navigate the pages of the Bible as you develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus and His Word.
- Complete NIV text
- 9.7-point type
- Comfort print
- Book introductions
- 88 Bible Characters exploring the lives of people in the Bible
- 138 Bible Truths examining core Christian beliefs and their basis in Scripture
- 146 Context Notes providing cultural and historical background context
- 282 Q&A Notes answering some of the most perplexing questions
- More than 6,000 study notes

The New International Version of the Bible is widely used by evangelical Christians of all ages. Featuring a 7.8 grade reading level, the NIV combines word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation philosophies. For more information on the different Bible translations, view our Bible Translation Guide.