NIV True Images Bible for Teen Girls, Duo-Tone, Pink

  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Contribution by: Christopher D. Hudson
  • Contribution by: Livingstone Corporation

SKU: 3638632

New cover designs and loads of extra features make this Bible the perfect way to get young girls excited about God's Word! For 15 years, the True Images Bible for Teen Girls has guided the faith of young women with empowering content and the timeless truth of God's Word.
Confronting today's culture can be challenging enough as it is. Exploring your faith as a young woman only adds to the challenges. The NIV True Images Bible provides a fresh perspective on faith-related topics and tools to navigate our complex world. Learn to ask big questions and discover valuable lessons as you grow with God.
A note to parents and caregivers: This Bible deals with mature issues that teens ages 13-18 across the world face today. Please consider reviewing the content and talking through some of the topics with your daughter.
- Complete NIV text
- 9-point type
- Book introductions
- Christianity 101 introduces the basic beliefs of Christianity
- Beliefs 101 digs into the underlying principles that shape your worldview
- In Focus notes explore biblical perspective on contemporary teen issues
- 12 Magazine-Style Quizzes to help girls understand themselves better
- 52 Mirror Images present stories of Bible women
- Over 100 Love Notes offer reflections on God's love
- Over 300 Genuine notes focus on the values authenticity and true inner beauty
- 500 Dare to Believe challenges reveal God's truth about life and faith

The New International Version of the Bible is widely used by evangelical Christians of all ages. Featuring a 7.8 grade reading level, the NIV combines word-for-word and thought-for-thought translation philosophies. Originally published in 1978, the 2011 NIV update is now the standard for all the NIV Bibles published. For more information on the different Bible translations, view our Bible Translation Guide.