NKJV Ancient-Modern Study Bible, Hardcover


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Enjoy the Word of God as never before when you join the legacy of Christians experiencing the good news of the Gospel throughout history. This New King James Version study Bible features book introductions, articles, and commentary providing rich wisdom of scholars past and present.
While many things have changed in the last two-thousand years, the good news of Jesus Christ isn't one of them. The NKJV Ancient-Modern Bible includes book introductions, articles, and commentary from prominent Christian leaders from both ancient and modern times. Explore the Scriptures with Augustine, Luther, Graham, and more. Discover the vast wisdom of ages past and present. This study Bible provides the opportunity for readers to experience the Word of God with fresh eyes, and as members of the global historical community of faith.
- Complete NKJV text
- 8.5-point type
- Book introductions
- Bible commentary from past and present theologians
- Biographies of church leaders and thinkers
- Articles on significant councils, creeds, and controversies
- Sacred art from throughout church history

The New King James Version is a modern language update of the original King James Version. Made for Bible readers looking for a solid word-for-word translation with modern language, the NKJV reads at an 8th grade reading level. For more information on the different Bible translations, view our Bible Translation Guide.