CJB Complete Jewish Bible, Multiple Styles Available

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  • Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers
  • Contribution by: David Stern
Have you ever read through the Bible and felt lost when the Scriptures go into detail about festivals, sacrifices, and customs that you do not practice today? It may seem like there are sections you can just skim over in the Old Testament. What if you could connect these ancient customs with how they relate to Jesus?
The Bible from the Old Testament through the New Testament is uniquely Jewish, and that's where the Complete Jewish Bible comes in handy. Unravel the Jewish messages that you may have missed in earlier readings as you browse through a Bible that is meant to connect Christians and Messianic Jews with the Jewish roots of Scripture.
In addition to Hebrew renderings of proper names throughout the Bible, you will also find helpful articles spanning topics like:
- How the Complete Jewish Bible Came To Be
- Jewish Tanakh Versus Christian Old Testament
- Poetry in the Complete Jewish Bible
- The Jewishness of the New Testament
- How the Complete Jewish Bible Express the B'rit Hadashah's Jewishness
Experience a new way to read and understand the history and culture in which the Bible was written as you read through this updated Complete Jewish Bible.
- Complete CJB text
- 9-point type
- Single-column format
- End of chapter cross-references
- Hebrew Bible book order
- Introductions for each book from a biblically Jewish perspective
- Tanakh prophecies fulfilled by Yeshua (Jesus)
- Explanation for how to pronounce the Hebrew names and terms
- Maps and map index

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