RVR 1960 CSB Spanish-English Parallel Bilingual Bible, Hardcover, Black

  • Publisher: B&H Espanol

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Expand your language knowledge with a side-by-side English-Spanish Bible. Whether you are learning a new language, or you just want to compare versions, this multi-language Bible will help you expand your language knowledge while exploring God's Word. Compare the text of the classic and trustworthy Reina-Valera 1960 Spanish Bible with the Christian Standard Bible in English.
La Biblia Bilingüe RVR 1960/CSB, logra un paralelo entre la traducción en el lenguaje español clásico y la nueva versión en inglés Christian Standard Bible (CSB) logrando una edición fácil de comprender.
- Complete CSB and RVR 1960 text
- Spanish and English side-by-side