God’s Blueprint for Bible Prophecy: Daniel, New Inductive Study Series, by Kay Arthur, Paperback

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  • Author: Kay Arthur

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As you dive into the book of Daniel you will see God's incredible plan for the future. Discover strength for daily living as you uncover insight for developing personal holiness as modeled through the book of Daniel.
Kay Arthur's insightful New Inductive Study Series is a bestselling Bible study series. Readers will face the truth of God's precepts, promises, and purposes by devoting just a few minutes to study each day.
Chapters Include:
- Introduction to Daniel
- Week One: Determined to Be a "Daniel"
- Week Two: God's Blueprint of the Future
- Week Three: Determined to Burn Rather than Bow
- Week Four: He Rules—He's the Most High God
- Week Five: Have You Read the Handwriting on the Wall?
- Week Six: Fear God—He'll Take Care of the Lions
- Week Seven: The Details of the Last Kingdom Before the Son of Man Comes
- Week Eight: The Ram, the Goat, and Israel
- Week Nine: Keep Your Eyes on Israel—God's Time Clock
- Week Ten: Heavenly Rulers over Earthly Kingdoms
- Week Eleven: God's Blueprint for the Intertestament Period
- Week Twelve: God's Blueprint on the Antichrist
- Week Thirteen: The Last 3 1/2 Years Before Messiah Comes

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