Hosea & Obadiah, Shepherd's Notes Series, by Robert Lintzenich, Paperback

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  • Author: Robert Lintzenich

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Perhaps you are already familiar with the black and yellow striped Cliff's Notes series that summarized everything from classic literary works to complex subjects like algebra. Unfortunately, Cliff forgot the greatest story ever told: the Holy Bible.
Now you can grasp the complexities of Scripture like never before. Shepherd's Notes guide reader's book-by-book and reveal more details about the inspired authors of the Bible books and when and where they were first penned.
Simple and understandable steps outline and underscore the focal points and personalities of the biblical text. Whether you are looking for Bible study, teaching, personal devotion, or sermon preparation, Shepherd's Notes have you covered.
This volume walks readers through the minor prophet books of Hosea, Amos, Joel, and Obadiah. Discover new details about these sometimes overlooked Old Testament books.

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