John, Shepherd's Notes Series, by Dana Gould, Paperback

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  • Author: Dana Gould

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Grasp each book of the Bible like never before. Each volume in the Shepherd's Notes series highlights and explains the authorship, circumstances of writing, and main points of the book of the Bible using a concise and easy-to-understand format. These helpful guides and be used for Bible studies, teaching personal devotions, Christian and home schools, or sermon preparation.
Discover the main points of John's gospel account. This volume in the Shepherd's Notes series covers John, and serves as a great continuation to the life of Jesus, the miracles, and signs he fulfilled. Gain new insight as you explore the Scripture through a fresh context.
- Concise format
- Single-column text
- Provides background on the writer and purpose for the books of the Bible
- Great for Bible studies, teaching, personal devotions, Christian schools, home schools, and sermon preparation

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