Nehemiah: The Courage to Face Opposition, LifeGuide Series, by Don A. Fields, Paperback

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  • Author: Don A. Fields

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Nehemiah was a leader of Israel who faced intense opposition from every side, even from his own people. He stood against all enemies, placing his trust completely in God.
Don Fields guides individuals and small groups through twelve sessions that dig into the Old Testament story of Nehemiah. Discover how this leader's courage and faith can inspire you while you struggle to live a life pleasing to God.
Nehemiah is now available in the IVP's revised LifeGuide format, featuring questions for starting small group discussions and for personal reflection, alongside the new Now or Later section after each session.
Chapters include:
- Getting the Most Out of Nehemiah
- Depending on God - Nehemiah 1
- The Planning Process - Nehemiah 2
- Working Together - Nehemiah 3
- Opposition from the Outside - Nehemiah 4
- Opposition from Within - Nehemiah 5
- Facing Intimidation - Nehemiah 6
- Family History - Nehemiah 7
- Revival - Nehemiah 8
- Confession Commitment - Nehemiah—10
- Big Decisions - Nehemiah 11
- Service Integrity - Nehemiah 12
- Love That Challenges - Nehemiah 13

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