Known By Name: Hagar Small Group Video Study, by Various Authors, DVD or Study Guide

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  • Author: Kasey Van Norman
  • Author: Jada Edwards
  • Author: Nicole Johnson
Women in the Bible faced many of the same struggles and challenges we face today. They had to confront the questions: How does everyone else see me? How do I see myself? How does God see me?
Hagar's story in Genesis 16 reveals a story of cultural victimization. She faced betrayal, abandonment, and scorn. What was her response? Much like anyone else who has been hurt by a loved one, she ran away, got defensive, and retreated to a place where she felt safe. While she felt justified in her anger and hurt, deep down, she was a woman who wanted to be seen, and she hoped for redemption.
Journey through Hagar's story with this video-based Bible study as you learn from hurt and heartache. You will soon discover that unresolved conflicts are not unseen by God. While we don't have closure on Hagar's story, we can still learn to trust God with the ending, believing that He sees us and He knows.
Sessions include:
- Exposing the Lie of Shame
- Rejected to Accepted
- Trusting after Betrayal
- Transformed and Seen

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