Known By Name: Naomi Small Group Video Study, by Various Authors, DVD or Study Guide

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  • Author: Kasey Van Norman
  • Author: Jada Edwards
  • Author: Nicole Johnson
Women in the Bible faced many of the same struggles and challenges we face today. They had to confront the questions: How does everyone else see me? How do I see myself? How does God see me?
Naomi's story in the book of Ruth is about lost identity. When she lost her husband and her sons, she was left without a home or means to support herself. She was a Hebrew woman displaced in a Moabite territory. She let her circumstances define her, but even in her anger and fear when she felt like a victim, God kept showing His faithfulness.
This video-based Bible study will take you through Naomi's journey from comfort to security to despair and bitterness. Witness her journey from hopeless drifting to faithful obedience, and from loss to redemption in one short lifetime. Through this small group study you will learn that even when you experience trauma, loss, and hardship, it's normal to feel like you are completely done. However, God remains close, and He can, and will redeem our darkest of circumstances.
Sessions include:
- When Hard Times Hit
- Behind the Scenes
- Better than Being Fixed
- From Bitter to Blessed

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