The New Testament You Never Knew Video Study, by N. T. Wright & Michael F. Bird, DVD

  • Author: N. T. Wright
  • Author: Michael F. Bird

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How much do you know about the real story behind the New Testament?
We enjoy learning fascinating facts about well-known historical accounts, or digging into the behind-the-scenes footage. In this eight-session video-based study, acclaimed Bible scholars N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird will take you and your small group on a tour of the story behind the exciting story of the New Testament.
Discover things you never knew about Jesus' baptism and wilderness journey, the meaning behind His parables and miracles, the significance of His death and resurrection, the growth of the early church into the Greco-Roman world, and how the life-changing mission of Jesus is still powerful today.
Through reading the New Testament, we continually find that God does keep His promises, even though those promises don't always look like what people expected, especially when it comes to Jesus. Come along, and take the journey with N. T. Wright and Michael Bird as they help you understand the New Testament you never knew.
Sessions include:
- The Books of the New Testament
- The World of Jesus and the Apostles
- The Life and Death of Jesus
- The Resurrection of Jesus
- The Ministry of the Apostle Paul
- The Early Christians and the Church
- The Mission of the Church
- The Creation of the New Testament

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