After Acts: Exploring the Lives and Legends of the Apostles

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  • Author: Bryan Litfin

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What really happened after Acts?
If you’ve ever wondered what happened to the biblical characters after Acts—from the well-known Matthew to the lesser-known Bartholomew—then this book is for you. Join Dr. Bryan Litfin as he guides you through Scripture and other ancient literature to sift fact from fiction, real-life from legend. 
Skillfully researched and clearly written, After Acts is as accurate as it is engaging. Gain a window into the religious milieu of the ancient and medieval church. Unearth artifacts and burial sites. Learn what really happened to your favorite characters and what you should truly remember them for.
- Did Paul ever make it to Spain? Was he beheaded in Rome?
- Is it true that Peter was crucified upside down?
- Was the Virgin Mary really bodily assumed into heaven?
The book of Acts ends at chapter 28. But its characters lived on.

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