The Bible from 30,000 Feet, by Skip Heitzig, Hardcover

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  • Author: Skip Heitzig

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“Give me a year, and I’ll give you the Bible.”
—Skip Heitzig
Experience an enlightening panorama of Scripture like never before. Pastor Skip Heitzig reveals a FLIGHT plan for all 66 books of the Bible to help readers better understand the context and significance of each book. In this one-year overview, you'll find:
- Facts about the author and time each book was written
- Landmarks to summarize the main points of each book
- Itinerary to outline the main theme of each book
- Gospel revelations about Jesus in each book
- History and cultural context for each book
- Travel Tips with guidelines for navigating the book's truth
If you find yourself getting lost and wandering from verse to verse, place yourself firmly on track with the clear aerial view presented in The Bible from 30,000 Feet.

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