The World's Greatest Book, by Lawrence H. Schiffman and Jerry Pattengale, Hardcover

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  • Author: Lawrence H. Schiffman
  • Author: Jerry Pattengale

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Discover an adventure-filled narrative that unpacks the fascinating people and events that shaped history's most influential book. From ancient oral traditions, to ink on parchment, and the invention of the printing press, this is the story behind the best-selling book of all time.
Original texts were transcribed and preserved from generation to generation by elders and leaders, many wrote by hand through extreme conditions. Over a period of a thousand years, Christians and Jews canonized the Christian, Catholic, and Hebrew Bibles. Dedicated people invested their lives throughout history to put this powerful book into the hands of the masses worldwide. Uncover the passion and intrigue behind the Bible's creation.
Chapters include:
- In the Beginning: Encounter at Sinai
- People of the Book: The Prophets and the Writings
- The Times They Are a-Changin': Between the Testaments
- What the Goatherds Found: The Dead Sea Scrolls
- "Gospel Truth": Jesus and the Evangelists
- Hatred and Heretics: Assembling the New Testament
- The Masoretes and Jerome: Standardizing Scripture
- Light in the Darkness: Jewish and Christian Bibles in the Middle Ages
- Mr. Gooseflesh's Revolution: The Printing Press and the Bible
- Plow Boys, Women, and Girls: Making the Bible Accessible
- One Billion Copies and Counting: The Story of the King James Bible
- On and On It Goes: Wondrous Discoveries, Wider Distribution

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