13 Most Important Bible Lessons for Kids about God, by Group Publishing, Paperback

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Equip your upper elementary Sunday school class with foundational theology using 13 lessons to understanding God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
The number-one cry of children's ministry leaders everywhere is the desire to teach kids the basics--the foundational truths of the Christian faith. These lessons are solid, Bible-packed experiences that draw children closer to Jesus and prepare them for a lifetime of spiritual maturity. Give your kids a firm hold of God's truth!
Each lesson is designed for upper-elementary kids, and includes:
- Lesson at glance
- Opener
- Scripture foundations
- Relational applications
- Closing prayer
Not only does this resource give kids a solid understanding of their faith, but it also helps equip their teacher to tackle the tough questions that inevitably arise. This important resource helps kids both grow and become stronger in their Christian beliefs. It's the solid footing they need to deal with the challenges of growing up while also growing in their faith.
Lessons include:
- God Is Three In One
- God Is Good
- God Is Holy
- God Is Everlasting
- Jesus Is Human and Divine
- Jesus, the Humble King
- Jesus Has Always Existed
- Jesus Paid for Our Sins
- Jesus Resurrected
- The Holy Spirit Guides and Teaches
- The Holy Spirit Helps and Prays for Us
- The Holy Spirit Is Everywhere
- The Holy Spirit Is a Gift Giver

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