Group Publishing, Character by God's Design: Volume 1, Paperback, 125 Pages

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Character by Design is a brand new series of Sunday school lesson books designed for you when you have
kids of all ages in one room. The complete series lets kids explore and practice 18 character qualities
that guide them to fulfill the potential God plans for their lives.
Equip kids with the character qualities they need to each become the person God created them to be. This first volume of exciting, hands-on Bible lessons explores the three character qualities of diligence, faithfulness, and gratitude. Kids will explore each character quality in memorable lessons that are rooted in Scripture and reinforce God's foundational plan for a fruitful Christian life. Plus, the DVD includes videos that reinforce what kids learn. Includes reproducibles and a DVD!
With these lessons, you'll introduce kids of all ages to:
 Diligence-Focusing on the work God has given me
 Faithfulness-Staying true to God and his purpose for me
 Gratitude-Expressing thanks no matter how I feel
  • - Includes reproducibles and a DVD
  • - Brand new series of Sunday school lesson books
  • - Designed for you when you have kids of all ages together 


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