The Circle Maker Children's Curriculum, DVD-ROM, by Mark Batterson, Preschool - 6 Grade

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  • Author: Mark Batterson

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The Circle Maker, a four-session small group Bible study, uses the story of Honi the Circle Maker, who prayer-walked until the rains came during a devastating first-century drought.
This DVD-ROM, featuring four lessons from Mark Batterson, helps children begin to identify their dreams and future miracles to draw prayer circles around. God, who still looks for circle makers both young and old, is waiting for those prayers.
With stories of Honi, as well as reflections on modern-day miracles as a result of prayer, The Circle Maker Children’s Curriculum will help children identify, discuss, and put into practice all the new things they’ve learned about prayer.  Grades Preschool through 6th.
Sessions include:
1. Becoming a Circle Maker 
2. Little People, Big Risks, and Huge Circles 
3. Praying Hard and Praying Through 
4. Praying Is Like Planting

The DVD-ROM contains five separate PDF files:

  1. Circle Maker Children Family Table Talks - 4 Weeks of Family Activities & Discussions plus a Family Prayer Calendar
  2. Circle Maker Leaders Guide - Getting Started, Present the Story, Explore More, Pray & Dismiss, Tips for Leaders, Session Overview Chart
  3. Circle Maker Preschool Curriculum - Preschool & Kindergarten - Complete Curriculum plus activity sheets
  4. Circle Maker Later Elem Curriculum - Grades 1 to 3
  5. Circle Maker Early Elem Curriculum - Grades 4 to 6

Note: This is NOT a video DVD; the lessons are script-based with everything you need on PDF files which can be printed and duplicated.

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