God's Not Dead Student DVD

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Do you know what you believe? Are you ready to defend it? At some point every believer will have to take a stand for their faith, answer questions from a skeptic or stand up for what they know is right. Often this challenge comes during college or as a young person transitions into adulthood and many students are ill-equipped or unprepared. That is where this Student Kit can help.

Based on the hit movie, God's Not Dead, each session of this four-week study looks at real life situations, the biblical responses to them and helps students discover what they believe and how to stand up for it.

This kit includes:

  • DVD featuring video clips from the movie
  • God's Not Dead Study Guide , for each of the four sessions, and
  • Leader's Guide
  • Bonus: Bumper Sticker

    This study includes the following four lessons:

  • Take a Stand - God has called his believers to something "set apart" and sometimes he calls on us to do something unexpected. Will you be ready?
  • Say Something - It isn't fun being ignored. Are you ready to acknowledge God?
  • Link Arms - Our closest friends are usually our strongest allies. What if they don't share the same core belief?
  • Lean on Me - Once someone is an unreliable friend, is there a way back to redemption?
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