The $5 Youth Ministry: Low-Cost Ideas for Effective Ministry

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  • Author: Todd Outcalt
  • Foreword by: Kurt Johnston

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It seems like no matter how good the economy is, thereas never enough money in the youth budget. Thatas why The $5 Youth Ministry is packed cover to cover with effective, easy-to-implement ideasathat all cost about $5 or less. Youall get tons of quality ideas for small groups, weekend retreats, worship services, outreach, fundraising, communication strategies and so much more. And most importantly, this book goes beyond just icebreakers and gamesaevery page is written to help build and grow relational youth ministry. Youall get low-cost tools, not gimmicks, that you can put to use at your next meeting to help engage and develop your students.

It is possible to ado more with lessa and this book will blow your mind with the possibilities.

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