A Joy-Filled Life, by Mo Anderson, Paperback

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  • Author: Mo Anderson
  • Foreword by: Ravi Zacharias

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Mo Anderson has served as the vice chairman of the board of Keller Williams Realty since 2005.
Mo is focused on the future, after enjoying decades of professional success and earning several awards and accolades. She continues to develop the Keller Williams culture as she trains, coaches, and consults with Keller Williams associates and leaders. Writing a A Joy-Filled Life is her most recent and exciting project that is leading her through a North American tour.
In 2014 she launched an online mentorship program at MoAnderson.com where she shares life-changing principles to a fast growing community, free of charge.
Mo maintains a commitment to leaving a legacy. She believes the higher purpose of business is to give, care, and share.
Chapters include:
- Be Thankful for Your Foundation
- Follow Your Dreams
- Find Your Voice
- Do the Right Thing
- Keep the Faith
- Do Whatever It Takes
- Build a Work Ethic
- Ask for What You Need
- Stick to Your Word
- Never Quit
- Set High Standards
- Build the Culture
- Fill Their Buckets
- Be a Tough Love Leader
- Profit Matters
- Love Your Country
- Love Your Neighbor
- Keep Relationships for Life
- Accept That You Will Be Tested
- Connect the Dots

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