The Life-Giving Leader: Learning to Lead from Your Truest Self, by Tyler Reagin

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  • Author: Tyler Reagin
  • Foreword by: Craig Groeschel
  • Foreword by: Andy Stanley
Tyler Reagin, president of Catalyst Leader, knows that the most impactful and most influential leaders are the ones who lead from who they truly are, and not from who they want or pretend to be.
Using clear biblical teaching and personal stories, Tyler Reagin demonstrates the steps you will need to begin knowing and leading from your truest self. He learned firsthand the importance of identity-based leadership from his experience serving in high-impact positions at some of our nation's largest churches and ministries. He wants each of his readers to become an empowered, confident leader ready to bring life and vibrancy to every room they enter.
Whether you have that prized corner office, or you are just getting started, Reagin provides the tools you need to embark on a journey to become an impactful and unique influencer right where you are.
Chapters include:
- It's Just Your Personality
- Divine Directive
Part 1: Leading from Your Truest Self
- No Regrets
- Made Especially for Leadership
Part 2: Releasing the Life Giver Within You
- Mirror, Mirror
- Schoolyard Sports
- It's Like Riding a Bike
- Something Bigger
- At the Top of Your Game
Part 3: Core Behaviors of Life-Giving Leaders
- A Call to Sweat
- A Call to Sacrifice
- A Call to Surrender
- A Call to Serve
Part 4: How Life-Giving Leaders Change Organizations
- The Wizard of Oz
- From Seed to Fruit
- O Captain! My Captain!

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