A Higher Calling, by Harold Earls, IV & Rachel Earls, Hardcover

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  • Author: Harold Earls, IV
  • Author: Rachel Earls

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Harold and Rachel are the popular husband and wife team behind the Earls Family Vlogs. Now they open up about their inspiring love story and how an expedition to climb Mount Everest deepened their faith, strengthened their commitment, and sharpened their vision to make a difference in the world.
When Harold Earls was a senior at West Point he dreamed of summiting Mount Everest after graduation to bring awareness to the issue of PTSD in soldiers and veterans. As novice mountain climber and newlywed, he was unsure about leaving his wife on the the other side of the world while he pursued such as dangerous quest. Rachel's dream was to be a wife and a mother, and she knew that her husband's ambitious goal might lead her to give up everything.
A Higher Calling will take you on a beautiful journey through the ups and downs of their relationship, from the unlikely introduction and whirlwind romance to their beautiful wedding and the dreams they shared. Their dreams required incredible sacrifice and faith in each other and in God.
Witness how Harold and Rachel used their powerful bond of love to overcome great obstacles and learn that life is about doing instead of having, serving instead of getting, and being instead of wanting.
A Higher Calling teaches that when God's purpose and our passion collide, we can transcend any sacrifice we make on the mountains of adversity. And as we approach life with an attitude of thanksgiving, we realize that being joyful and living in love is always worth it, every time.
Chapters include:
- The First Message
- Love at First Phone Call
- "We're All a Little Weird. And Life Is a Little Weird."
- A Million Times Yes
- A Dangerous Dream
- Short End of the Stick
- When Nothing Is Certain, Everything Is Possible
- The West Point Girlfriend
- No Food, No Cake, No Condoms
- An Extra Seventeen Swiss Francs for the Funeral
- That Could Have Been Me
- The Dirty Truth of Achieving Big Dreams
- Promises I Can't Keep
- The What-Ifs, the How Comes, and the Why Me's
- Beautiful Things Along the Way
- Summit Fever
- The Death Zone
- Snow Blind
- Dancing with Death
- Homecoming
- Ranger School
- The Next Adventure