Even In Our Darkness: A Story Of Beauty In A Broken Life, by Jack S. Deere, Hardcover

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  • Author: Jack S. Deere

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Get ready for an unpolished look at the Christian life, now expressed for the first time. This powerful memoir tells a story of finding beauty and friendship through the pain of loss, tragedy, and brokenness. Even in Our Darkness reveals what it means to know God and be known by Him.
Jack Deere shares the true story of his growing up around Fort Worth, Texas in the 1950's and how his family was affected by his father's suicide. In his mid-twenties, Jack rose to fame and success as a leading scholar, popular speaker, and bestselling author.
Even though he was rescued and exalted, in the years that followed he was ultimately crushed. He lost his own son to suicide and his wife to alcoholism. In the wake of his tragic losses, Jack wrestled with his own addictions, surrendered control, and found true healing.
Even In Our Darkness is an authentic story of the Christian life that could serve as your own guide in rising above life's disappointments and learning to hear God speak through remarkable ways.

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