Tramp for the Lord, by Corrie Ten Boom and Jamie Buckingham

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  • Author: Corrie Ten Boom
  • With: Jamie Buckingham
In 1940, Corrie ten Boom lived with her father and sister above their watch shop in Haarlem, Holland. When their country was invaded by Nazis, this devoutly Christian family provided sanctuary for persecuted Jews. After the Nazis discovered what they were doing, they captured Corrie and her family. They were all sent to a concentration camp, where Corrie lost both her sister and father. Even during the difficult times she faced in the concentration camp, Corrie sustained her faith in God and become one of the most remarkable evangelists of her time.
Tramp for the Lord continues Corrie Ten Boom's hope-filled journey after the events told in her bestseller, The Hiding Place. From her postwar days in New York to the heart-stopping adventures in Africa, Corrie's life story shows that miracles do still happen.
Chapters include:
- A Strange Place to Hope
- Witnesses Unto Me
- Release!
- A Song in the Night
- A Great Discovery
- Music from Broken Chords
- Love Your Enemy
- In the Power of the Spirit
- Conny
- Authority Over Demons
- Lights from Darkest Africa
- God Will Provide
- A Place to Be
- Obedience
- The Real Corrie ten Boom
- Checkpoint Charlie
- Facing Death
- Saved by a Newborn Infant
- Miracles Every Day
- God’s Word, the Sword—God’s Perfect Weapon
- Where Is Heaven?
- When You Are Tempted to Quit
- I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go, Dear Lord… but Not Up Ten Flights of Stairs
- To All the World—Beginning with One
- Leaving My First Love
- Walking in the Light
- Secure in Jesus
- I Have Much People in This City
- The Blessing Box
- Closing the Circle
- One Finger for His Glory
- The Ding-Dong Principle
- The Blacks and Whites of Forgiveness
- Getting Ready for the End
- Little Witness for Christ

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