Unashamed, by Lecrae

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  • Author: Lecrae

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 If you live by people's acceptance, you'll die by their rejection.

For two-time Grammy winning rap artist Lecrae, this is a mantra; it's a hard-learned lesson. Raised in a broken home by a single mother, Lecrae grew up craving, but never fully attaining, others' acceptance. As a child, he was physically and sexually abused by people he trusted. As a young adult, his sexual exploits ended in an abortion, STD, and a heap of heartbreaks. After struggling with drugs and alchoholism, he survived a suicide attempt and wound up in rehab.
Along the way, Lecrae attained an unwavering faith in Jesus and began looking to God for affirmation. Now as a chart-topping industry anomaly, he has learned to ignore the haters and make peace with his craft. The rap artist holds nothing back as he divulges the most sensitive details of his life, answers his critics, shares intimate handwritten journal entries, and powerfully models how to be Christian in a secular age.

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