Detours: How God Leads You to Where You're Meant to Be, by Tony Evans

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  • Author: Tony Evans

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God does have a plan for your life.
Most of the time, His plan doesn't unfold as we might expect. It's more of a detour that can leave us feeling stalled and slowed down. It may not be pleasant, but detours are needed for any improvements to be made along the paths we travel. Sometimes detours are needed to clean up wrecks or avoid hazards. Detours are designed for our own good regardless of how we might feel about them.
Detours are good things that usually feel bad.
Tony Evans has experienced his fair share of detours in life and knows that God works through detours to bring about His blessing to deliver you to the place He created for you. Despite God's guidance through the detour, we have a tendency to fight our way back to the path we think we need.
Tony uses the life of Joseph as an example to guide readers to answers to the following questions:
- How do you find the destiny God has designed for your life?
- How can you make the most of the detours God has planned for you?
- Is there a way to shorten a detour and speed up your progression in life?
- What is the purpose of a detour?

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