Disruptive Compassion, by Hal Donaldson, Kirk Noonan, and Lindsay Kay Donaldson, Paperback

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  • Author: Hal Donaldson
  • Author: Kirk Noonan
  • Author: Lindsay Kay Donaldson

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You can't save the world by playing it safe.
When we witness news stories about suffering and injustice on a daily basis, it can lead us to truly wonder what one person can really do to enact the profound change the world desperately needs. We're so used to watching movies where tragic events happen, and we are stirred with compassion, but we can sit back knowing the script has already been written.
Disruptive Compassion dares you to realize that you possess the power to make real and meaningful change, because God has empowered you to rewrite the story of tomorrow. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus developed a model that revolutionaries have followed ever since. These principles can powerfully guide us today.
Hal Donaldson, Convoy of Hope founder and CEO, uses raw and inspiring stories from the world's most desperate places and his own journey to find meaning to take you on a tour along the frontlines of courage and compassion. This book will serve as your crash course in what it means to become a revolutionary. Learn how to evaluate the resources you already have, navigate real concerns and risks, check your motives, and ultimately become equipped as an agitator with purpose. Hal uses principles and insights gleaned from two decades of relief work to reveal what he's learned from the journey and what we can take with us as we join the revolution.
Disruptive Compassion is your invitation to move beyond pity, helplessness, and outrage. Let this book serve as your playbook for making a difference right where you are.