Everybody, Always: Becoming Love In A World Full Of Setbacks & Difficult People, by Bob Goff

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  • Author: Bob Goff

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What would happen if we stopped worrying about a challenging world filled with difficult people, and instead decided to love everybody? Bob Goff takes readers along for an entertaining, life-altering journey into the secret life of living without fear, care, constraint, or worry in this highly-anticipated follow-up to the bestselling book, Love Does.
Each chapter of Everybody, Always uses Bob's hilarious and insightful storytelling to reveal a lesson Bob learned the hard way, about what it means to love without inhibition, insecurity, or restriction. Explore topics from finding the right number of friends to discovering the upside of failure as Everybody, Always shows you the way to embody love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating, and the seemingly impossible. Bob shares stories from skydiving without shoes to befriending a Ugandan witch doctor. Follow along his journey as Bob steps into a life with a no-limits embrace of others that is as infectious as it is extraordinary. Everybody, Always will show you how you can live a life of radical love.

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