Finding Gods Life for My Will: His Presence Is The Plan, by Mike Donehey, Paperback

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Mike Donehey, the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist for award-winning contemporary Christian band Tenth Avenue North reveals that by seeking God first and focusing on serving Him, we can daily live in His will.
“Perhaps God isn’t giving me the plan because He wants to be the plan.”
After years of wrestling with his obsession to know God's specific plans for his life, this was the moment where it all came together for Mike Donehey. He realized that waiting for absolute certainty from God before making decisions may seem super spiritual, but it can lead to a life of intense stress, paralyzing fear, and crushing regret. It was the opposite of the freedom granted to those living a truly Christ-filled life.
“This is my story…how I gave up begging to know God’s will and began to ask His life to come and change my will.”
Using his friendly humor and relentless hunger for God, Mike will reveal that learning the Father's purpose and plan for our lives is not the shell game that we all too often make it out to be. If you're not sure of what to do next, take heart and accept the ultimate invitation: learn to see God as the plan, not simply the formula to the plan.
Chapters include:
- Jordan River or Red Sea?
- 42 Trips to the Principal's Office
- When Dreams Die
- Dreams Change (and That's Okay)
- Capitalistic Christianity
- The Ministry of Interruption
- The Leader Label Lie
- The Naked Marine
- God Doesn't Need You
- I Stopped Asking God to Use Me
- Wasting Time on God
- Always Available Joy
- Living the Perpetual Yes
- Drink the Cup
- Embrace the Cracks
- Bad Golf Is Good for Your Heart
- I Still Don't Know What I'm Doing (Maybe I'm Not Supposed To)