How to Stay Christian in College, by J Budziszewski, Hardcover

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  • Author: J. Budziszewski

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When students go off to college, they are crossing a threshold in life and embarking on a new world with different perspectives, responsibilities, and expectations. Even those who choose to go to a Christian college can't guarantee they won't face the same challenges to their faith. How do students stay Christian in college? How can they be open about their faith when they face potential ridicule?
How To Stay Christian in College is a must-read for every college student seeking guidance as they navigate the maze of campus realities. J. Budziszewski exploes the foundations of the Christian faith and directly addresses alternate worldviews and myths that students may encounter at college. Packed with quotes, statistics, stories, and encouragement, this book will empower students to conquer the dangers that lie ahead.
Chapters include:
- College As Another World
- What God Thinks of the World
- What the World Thinks of Itself
- Talking with Non-Christian Friends
Campus Myths
- Myths About the Search for Knowledge
- Myths About Love and Sex
- Myths About Politics
How to Cope
- Coping in Campus Social Life
- Coping in Campus Religious Life
- Coping in the Classroom
- The Meaning of Your Life

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