How to Worship a King: Prepare Your Heart, Prepare Your World, Prepare the Way, by Zach Neese

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  • Author: Zach Neese

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We were born for deep, meaningful intimacy with our Father-King. In fact, we were redeemed to serve as priests - directly accessing the throne room of Heaven to minister to God then carry away His light and glory to a dark, hurting world. This is the most extraordinary privilege ever extended to flesh and blood. And yet... True worship is a process that is poorly understood and widely neglected in the Church. Too few believers ever experience the indescribable joy and radical transformation that come from stepping fully and properly into that priestly role. 
In this deep yet highly accessible book, Pastor Zach Neese, a worship leader and composer of numerous beloved worship songs, brings you powerful encouragement to step into that role along with a practical, biblical roadmap to help you on your journey.
Chapters include:
- Your Part to Play
- So What Do I Do Now?
- Why a Tabernacle?
- What Is Worship?
- To Kiss a King
- What Is Praise?
- Biblical Expressions of Praise
- Entering In
- The Altar
- The Laver
- The Table of Showbread
- The Golden Lampstand
- Lampstand or Candlestick?
- The Altar of Incense
- The Ark of the Covenant
- Prepare the Way

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