Not Forsaken: Finding Freedom as Sons & Daughters of a Perfect Father, by Louie Giglio

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  • Author: Louie Giglio

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God is a Father, and a perfect Father at that. Louie Giglio, bestselling author of Goliath Must Fall, understands that image can cause any number of problems for many readers, if not most of us, today.
When your earthly father is less than perfect, it can affect how you see your Heavenly Father. Here's the real twist, God is not a reflection of your earthly father. He is not some improved version of your earthly father. God is the original, flawless father. He is the perfection of fatherhood. God is the perfect Father.
In Not Forsaken, Giglio inspires readers to break through the possibility of having a perfect father-to-child relationship, found with God through Christ.
No matter where you are in life, God can become your perfect Father.