Nothing Wasted: God Uses The Stuff You Wouldn't, by Kasey Van Norman, Paperback

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  • Author: Kasey Van Norman

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We all have a past that we wish we could redo, undo, or hide altogether. In Nothing Wasted, counselor and teacher Kasey Van Norman reveals how God shared His specific plan for her life through the most unlikely, embarrassing, and painful seasons of her past. She invites you to discover God's personal and purposeful design for your future, no in spite of your story, but through your story.
What if God wants to use the pain and mistakes of your past to redeem your future?
Kasey Van Norman has walked a rocky road of regret and loss with a difficult childhood, abuse, addiction, public infidelity, and a fight with cancer. Surprisingly, God took her back to move her forward. She had to uproot her unaddressed wounds, secret shame, and intimacy-sabotaging patterns of behavior. Kasey discovered a god more intentional and loving than she'd ever believed Him to be after she quit running from her past, and instead allowed herself to be defined by it. Today, she shares the truth that no part of our life story is wasted. God can purposefully design our story to shape who we are meant to be.
Kasey uses vulnerability, sound doctrine, and humor to unfold the brokenness in her own life. She reminds us that a holy, sovereign God lovingly works, not in spite of our past, but through it. In Nothing Wasted, Kasey invites you to examine the most unlikely, shocking, and painful experiences of your past in order to embrace them as the necessary setup for your future. No experience or relationship has been a mistake. You are not some byproduct of random events, and you do not need a do-over. Join Kasey, and take God up on His offer to connect every confusing, disjointed scrap of your past into His beautiful story of redemption.
With God, nothing is wasted.