Playing for More: Trust Beyond What You Can See, by Case Keenum and Andrew Perloff

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  • Author: Case Keenum
  • With: Andrew Perloff
  • Foreword by: Tony Dungy
Case Keenum was recruited by only one college, undrafted, and released three times. He overcame every obstacle in his path to become the starting quarterback. In 2017, he intercepted the attention of football fans by leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 13-3 record and an NFC North title. In a moments notice, he entered NFL history through a game-winning touchdown in the final seconds of a divisional playoff game against the Saints. His career altering move is known today as the Minneapolis Miracle.
Keenum opens up and reveals stories from every stage of his life. He started out as a ball boy for his father's team in West Texas, and went on to win a state title in high school. A horrific knee injury nearly ended his football career, and also brought him closer to the woman he eventually married.
Throughout his life story, Case will show how his Christian faith helped him navigate the winding path to success. Despite the obstacles he faces, he knows God has a plan for him. He writes this book for the same reason he plays football: To glorify God and to help others who face adversity in their everyday life.
“Am I a football player who happens to be a Christian?” Case writes, "No, I’m a Christian who happens to be a football player. That’s my calling. That’s my defining characteristic. Once I realized that, everything else fell into place. I became a better football player and, more importantly, a better person.”

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