Seven-Mile Miracle, by Steven Furtick, Paperback

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  • Author: Steven Furtick

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His final words hold the power of your new beginning.
Journey back to Good Friday. The Son of God is giving up His life. What words does He choose to share with us during His final hours? The people standing at the foot of the cross are eager to hear the words they will pass down to the ages. He speaks only seven short statements. Words of forgiveness, salvation, relationship, abandonment, distress, triumph, and reunion. These seven statements mean everything.
Join Pastor Steven Furtick in Seven-Mile Miracle as he shows us how Jesus's last words offer mile markers for our journey in relationship with God. Your lifelong journey won't always be easy. Jesus is both our guide and our destination as we travel. Place your feet on a proven path—the road that Jesus walked.
Chapters include:
- Introduction: M.O.G. (More of God)
- A Word of Forgiveness
- Mile 1: Get Your Slate Cleaned Here
- A Word of Salvation
- Mile 2: Ticket To Paradise
- A Word of Relationship
- Mile 3: The Jesus of Nazareth Adoption Agency
- A Word of Abandonment
- Mile 4: Godforsaken
- A Word of Distress
- Mile 5: Parched
- A Word of Triumph
- Mile 6: Out of the Jaws of Defeat
- A Word of Reunion
- Mile 7: Into the Presence of God
- Conclusion: One More Step
- A Forty-Day Reading Guide to Jesus's Death and Resurrection
Includes questions for reflection and a forty-day reading guide to Jesus’s death and resurrection.

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