The Grace Awakening: Believing in Grace Is One Thing. Living It Is Another.

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  • Author: Charles R. Swindoll

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In this best-selling classic, Charles Swindoll urges you not to miss living a grace-filled life. Freedom and joy-not lists and demands and duties-await all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

"The Grace Awakening" calls all Christians to wake up and reject living in such legalistic, performance-oriented bondage. The God of the universe has given us an amazing, revolutionary gift of grace and freedom. This freedom and grace set us apart from every other "religion" on the face of the earth.

It's clear that the challenges in the world around us are greater than ever, but the need for Christians who will live out their witness in freedom and compassion is even greater. This classic isn't simply a book worth reading but a life worth living-today.

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