The Grumble-Free Year, by Tricia Goyer, Paperback

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  • Author: Tricia Goyer

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Tricia Goyer, USA Today bestselling author, and her family of eleven embark on a yearlong quest to eliminate grumbling from their home and find a healthier, more thankful approach to life together.
The Goyer home includes two parents, eight kids, and one eighty-eight-year-old grandmother with dementia. They are never without noise, mess, activity, and complaining. It's not only the kids grumbling. After adding seven children in less than six years through adoption, the Goyer family realized it was high time to go from survival-mode to unity- and growth-mode. They chose to tackle the impossible: a grumble-free year.
Dealing with a mix of grade-schoolers, teenagers, and a grandmother who believes children should be seen and not heard, they had every reason to fail at their challenge. Add to that seven children being homeschooled together in close proximity, and what could possibly go wrong?
In The Grumble-Free Year, the Goyers invite you along for the journey to watch as they go complaint-free and find out what it looks like to develop hearts of gratitude. They share their plans, successes, failures, and all the lessons they learn along the way, providing real-life action steps rooted in Scripture so you can get more than a front-row seat to the action, you will also have an opportunity to take the challenge for yourself and uncover a truly thankful heart.