The Next Right Thing: A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions, by Emily P. Freeman

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  • Author: Emily P. Freeman

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Nothing can capture our attention more than an unmade decision: Should I take the new position? Which school should my kids go to? How will I support my aging parents? When we have a decision to make, and the answer is unclear, we desire peace, clarity, and a nudge in the right direction more than anything else.
If you struggle with making decisions, either from chronic hesitation, or a recent onset of decision fatigue, Emily P. Freeman will provide a fresh way of practicing familiar yet often forgotten advice: simply do the next right thing. As you follow this simple, soulful practice, you can clear the decision-making chaos, quiet the fear of choosing wrong, and find the courage to finally decide without regret or second-guessing.
If you're in the midst of a major life decision, or weary of the low-grade anxiety that daily life can bring, Emily will help create space for your soul to breathe so you can life with God at a gentle pace and discern your next right thing in love.
Chapters include:
- Do the Next Right Thing
- Become a Soul Minimalist
- Name the Narrative
- Picture God
- Look for Arrows
- Be a Beginner
- Ask This Question before Every Hard Decision
- Know What You Want More
- Make the Most Important List
- Quit Something
- Stay in Today
- Be Where You Are
- Don't Rush Clarity
- Stop Collecting Gurus
- Gather Co-Listeners
- Choose Your Absence
- Find a No Mentor
- Don't Give Your Critic Words
- Come Home to Yourself
- Pick What You Like
- Wear Better Pants
- Walk into a Room
- Expect to Be Surprised
- Wait with Hope