Under Cover: Why Your Response To Leadership Determines Your Future, by John Bevere

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  • Author: John Bevere

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Have you ever struggled with how to respond to a boss or a leader with whom you disagree? Do you ever question why you should listen to them in the first place?
In this newly revised and updated edition of Under Cover, bestselling author John Bevere clarifies, for a new generation, the protective boundaries God provides for authority figures. He shows how the enemy can trick us into believing our true destinies can be found apart from divine leadership by altering our ability to recognize God's inherent authority and His delegated authority. Understand how to properly relate to leadership, and discover why living under authority provides a place of provision, protection,k and hope for the future.
Under Cover will teach you:
- How to avoid being entirely right yet somehow wrong
- The biblical way to respond to and overcome unfair treatment
Under Cover now includes a brand-new chapter, discussion questions, and highlighted themes. This practical, life-transforming book reveals the importance of submission to God's authority and how to respond to the leaders in our lives.
Chapters include:
Section 1: Introducing Under Cover
- God's Protection
- It's Hard to Kick Against Nails!
Section 2: God's Direct Covering
- Sin Defined
- The Secret Power of Lawlessness
- The Consequences of Disobedience I
- The Consequences of Disobedience II
- Bewitched
Section 3: God's Appointed Covering
- Does God Know Who Is in Charge?
- Honor the King
- Double Honor
- Obedience and Submission
- What If Authority Tells Me...?
- Unfair Treatment
- Self-Inflicted Judgment
- One
- Odds and Ends
- Great Faith
- Conclusion

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