What's Next, by Chris Hodges, Paperback

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  • Author: Chris Hodges

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Chris Hodges, bestselling author and influential pastor, provides a practical guide for what to do next to deepen their faith.
All Christians are on a lifelong journey toward a deeper faith and spiritual maturity. This journey is not without its stops and bumps along the way. New believers and veterans in the faith will all find themselves asking, "What do I do next? How do I stay motivated to grow deeper in my relationship with God when I feel complacent, intimidated, or confused? What can I do to get back on track when I hit a spiritual rut?"
In What's Next?, Chris Hodges presents four key steps to spiritual maturity: knowing God, finding freedom, discovering purpose, and making a difference. He teaches how this steps are both part of a linear path and a cycle that Christians continue returning to at increasingly deeper levels as they grow. What's Next? is accessible and clear, concise and profound. This book is a trail guide leading to a deeper and more intimate relationship with the Father and the joy that comes from the journey.